Whitby Jet Earrings

Welcome to the Whitby Jet Earrings section. Here you will find earrings, black gemstone earrings, Whitby Jet, Jet from Whitby in Yorkshire, jet earrings, Whitby Jet Earrings, black earrings in the Whitby jet jewellery. Generally silver earrings with Whitby Jet (Jet Jewellery), basically silver earrings in Whitby Jet. If you are looking for gold settings or Whitby Jet gold jewellery please contact us as we may be able to order a gold version for you. It is generally silver jewellery that we keep in stock. We are passionate about the Whtby jet silver jewellery as it is a local product to us and more importantly a lovely distinctive gemstone which has been highly sought after since Victorian times and before and it is exclusive to Whitby in North Yorkshire.